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Tired of looking at your invoicing and wondering how that ‘cheap’ rate turned so expensive? We offer professional stenographic court reporting and videography services at a reasonable rate, without those hidden middle-man costs associated with larger reporting firms and clearinghouses.

Is your reporting firm sending "digital reporters" instead of stenographic reporters?  Please consider that these are people who have had approximately six weeks of "training" to make notes while recording your proceeding.  This recording and, hopefully, the "notes" will be sent to an archive.  If you need a transcript, the transcript will be prepared by a transcriptionist that was not present in any fashion and will only be signing off as a transcriptionist, not a reporter certifying that transcript that can be called into a courtroom to authenticate the record.  

Do you need Zoom services?  Videoconference?  Realtime?  Livestream?  Yes, we do them all...and we do it according to Florida State rules and statutes.  

Our court reporters are not the only ones aware of their ethical obligations. Our firm uses ethical and professional business practices. Owen & Associates does not have special connections or contractual obligations to any state- or nationwide law firms or reporting firms, which means EVERY client gets preferential treatment and the same rate and payment schedule. The one-time out-of-town client doesn’t pay for opposing counsel’s cheaper contracted rate and neither does the local life-long client. 


Are you tired of working for nationwide/statewide firms who are charging the premium to their clients, but paying their reporters less and less?  Tired of traveling all over the state?  Would like to work with an office and clients that appreciate your skills?  Tired of traffic and parking wars?  

Think Ocala!  We would love to have you.  Owen & Associates uses RPR-certified stenographic reporters, and we will help you with attaining that RPR if you do not already have it.  Our community needs more great reporters and you will love it here!